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Science Week 2020

Science Week has been another great success for us this year.

Ms Fitzgerald’s Class really enjoyed Science Week and were very grateful to the University of Limerick for sending them six Edison robots to try out. They learned a little about how robots have been developing, and how useful they are in manufacturing. These Edison robots are programmed to read certain barcodes, and the girls were able to set them to search for and track lines or light (with a torch), to detect/avoid obstacles, and to sense/respond to claps. They had great fun figuring it all out!

Miss Duke’s Fifth Class put Edison to the test with the various courses they designed. The girls investigated whether Edison was as effective at following lines over a longer distance – turns out he is an excellent long distance robot, he travelled 9 metres super quick!

Mrs McAra’s Third Class had so much fun programming their ‘Edison’ robots. They experimented with their reactions to sound, objects, colour and light. Lots of budding IT whizz kids in 3rd Class.

Miss Quinn’s Fifth Class enjoyed doing lots of activities for Science Week. They watched a video to learn all about the senses, they tried out the experiments to test their senses and they made some slime. They were also really lucky to get to use Edison the robot! It was so much fun to get Edison to do tricks and they even got to make their own tracks for him to follow.
Mrs McCarthy’s Second Class took part in an online science show hosted by the Science foundation Ireland called Foodoppi- Eat your Science. They learned about the Five Senses and also how to make Ice-cream. The girls had great fun trying out some Sense experiments. However making strawberry ice-cream was the highlight of the week.
Ms Power’s Class experimented with robots and slime. They had so much fun.
Miss Lyons Second Class made categories of different types of materials and sorted different objects into subcategories. Some materials fitted into two or three subcategories!
From working and playing with robots to making their own lava lamps, Ms O’Sullivan’s 6th Class were very busy this week for Science Week. They were hands on scientists for the week.
Mrs O’Dwyer’s Class haven been learning about solids, liquids and gases and enjoyed doing some experiments.