Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Fourth Class

Miss McNamara

October started off with a visit from a theatre company to the school who put on a performance of Cinderella for us. It was fantastic!
We dressed up in green for World Mental Health day and did some art with our buddies. To mark Tree Day, we planted conkers and to mark Maths Week, we did lots of fun activities. We took Maths pictures at home, took part in a Zoom quiz and also put our detective hats on to complete a Halloween Mystery challenge.
We were also invited to the Theatre Royal twice and got to see two brilliant shows! To top it all off, we dressed up in spooky costumes for Halloween. It was a great month!
Fourth class were delighted to return to school this September! We started the month off by learning about our Name Stories and by learning about the Maori people in New Zealand. We really enjoyed learning the Haka and being fierce warriors!
In art we were challenged to paint a landscape without using green paint and had great fun mixing the colours we needed!