Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Junior Infants

Mrs O'Neill


June has been packed with lots and lots of fun learning experiences. Our ‘Fun Day’, ‘Sports Day’ and ‘Movie Day’ were the highlights of the month. During our ‘Fun Day’ we had fantastic fun on the bouncy castle and space hoopers with our friends. We got our photograph taken at the selfie photo booth and in the afternoon we got creative and decorated our photo frames and kaleidoscopes. Following all of this creativity we enjoyed an ice cream cone with our friends. They were delicious. After lunch we visited the mini farm. Farmer Sarah allowed us to pet the rabbits and meet Wilson the pig, Nelly the Donkey and Freddy the horse. The cockerel was very funny because he was so noisy. 

Sports Day was action packed. We had so much fun running, jumping, kicking penalties, playing with the parachute, balancing bean bags, playing catching games and racing. Playing with our friends is so much fun. 


We have been remarkably busy focusing on our theme ‘My Senses’ during the last couple of weeks. We have really enjoyed going on our ‘My Senses’ trail around the school grounds and recording what are senses have identified along the way. During Aistear we had super fun making popcorn and using our senses to smell, see, taste, hear and touch the popcorn. It was so yummy! At the role play station we visited the Optician. We got the opportunity to have an eye test and try on some very funny glasses. A big hit was our sensory play with our beach box. We caught magnetic fish and used spoons and tweezers to find treasure in the sand. It was amazing.


We are delighted to be back in school. It is so much fun playing, interacting and learning with our friends. We have been busy settling back into our school routines and continuing with our Junior Infant journey. Over the past couple of weeks we have taken part in some outstanding learning experiences. We created some amazing memories when we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style by taking part in our very own Green Day and Presentation Primary School Parade. We were so excited and proud marching through the school yard as the older classes clapped and cheered for us as we passed by. We looked and sounded superb wearing our green and singing our Irish song ‘Lá le Pádraig’ for all the other pupils in the school. It was a fantastic moment for us all. Well done to everyone for making it such a wonderful occasion. 

We have also been learning all about triangles and creating our very own triangles using lollipop sticks and playdoh. We have started learning about food and how healthy eating play a very important role in maintaining and keeping a healthy body and mind. We even planted our very own food (cress seeds). Mrs. O’Neill said we are super at taking care of our plants. 

We have really enjoyed preparing for Easter. We have learned the lifecycle of a chicken and even watched some clips of chicks hatching from their eggs. We even made our very own Easter chicks using paper plates, feathers and paint. We’ve loved dancing to the ‘Chicken Dance’ and listening to our many Bunny and Chicken stories.

We are looking forward to our final term in Junior Infants but for now we would like to wish all of our amazing families and friends a very Happy Easter and a well deserved rest!

December… Over the past couple of weeks we have been very busy learning all about patterns, the season of Winter, learning through play during our Aistear activities and keeping very busy with all the new letters/ sounds, PE activities, Arts and Crafts lessons and the many activities taking place in our busy classroom. 

We created beautiful patterns using classroom manipulatives and colours / paints. We even used potatoes to print a patterned caterpillar. It was fun creating different coloured patterns with our friends.

As the weather turned colder we started to learn all about Winter. We learned all about the little robin, how we can spot the various signs of Winter in the environment around us and why we need to wear our Winter woollies. During our Art lessons we created robins, hats and mittens.

We’ve also started Aistear. This is so much fun, and probably one of our favourite activities. We get to learn through play. Last month we were learning all about ‘People who Help Us’. We had so much fun pretending to be the doctor, nurse and secretary. This month we are learning about Christmas, toys and working at the busy Post Office. We use a big post box to send our letters and envelopes and we have a big sack for the parcels. We are having lots of fun making Santa’s sleigh and creating our Christmas Stockings. 

Well done to all the girls for creating such beautiful blue and white flags to decorate our classroom window for our hurlers. The girls looked super in their blue and white and did a terrific job supporting our amazing hurlers in Croke Park.

As Christmas is fast approaching we are very busy making our Christmas Cards for our families and Reindeer Food for all of Santa’s reindeer. We would like to wish our families and friends a very safe and ‘Happy Christmas and New Year’ from everyone in Room 1.

November… Wishing all our wonderful families and friends a very happy and safe midterm break. Enjoy a spooktacular Halloween!

October… October was a very busy month for all the Junior Infants. We were learning all about Halloween and the season of Autumn.  We went on our Autumn trail to find signs of Autumn and we found signs of Autumn everywhere. We found Autumn leaves, conkers, chestnuts, berries and pine cones. It was so much fun learning and discovering outside with our classmates. We were learning all about the squirrel. Take a look at our ‘Furry Squirrel’ creations. We learned a lovely poem called ‘Furry Squirrel’ and we really enjoy saying this poem with our actions. Our favourite song this month is called ‘The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. We liked our song so much we created our very own Scarecrow, they look amazing on our Art board. Mrs. O’Neill caught some of our hard work on camera, so make sure to take a look at our lovely pictures!

September… Over the past couple of weeks we have been very busy in Room 1. We are learning lots of new and exciting skills, facts and activities inside and outside the classroom. Some of the new things we enjoy learning about are our letters, poems, songs, stories, early mathematical activities, interesting facts about the world around us, Art activities and PE lessons. Everyday in Junior Infants we get to meet our friends and have lots of fun on our many learning adventures, it is super!