Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Language Class

Mrs Tuohy


We went on a great adventure to investigate signs of autumn. We heard the crunchy leaves under our feet and saw red, yellow, orange and brown leaves. We identified various trees and matched fallen leaves to the correct tree. We collected lots of conkers!

We visited Garter Lane and learned about the artist Van Gogh. We spoke about a painting of his called ‘The Starry Night’. We had fun recreating it.

There was so much excitement when Mrs. Tuohy put up the Halloween decorations, we even got to dress up ourselves! We concocted a witch’s potion and carved a pumpkin together.


What a busy year we have had so far!  We’ve all settled in well into the Junior Language class this year and have enjoyed getting to know one another! We like to play chase and duck, duck, goose with our friends in the playground.

We are telling Mrs. Tuohy all about our families, pets, hobbies and interests. We particularly like playing phonics bingo and snap. We are practising our counting in Maths through games and movement.

We enjoy learning both inside and outside the classroom. We ventured to Walsh Park for P.E. and had great fun scoring goals. We explored the school garden using our senses. We discovered what was growing and picked cooking apples together. We are using different materials for art. We love painting!