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Fourth Class

Mrs. Ó hEithir

Dear Lorena, Sophie B., Alana, Wiktoria, Daniela, Hannah, Gillian, Naomi, Emily, Christina, Melani, Aimee, Tiannah, Emmy, Julija, Roisín, Freya, Ella, Candice, Nadirah, Lil, Leah, Cara, Amina, Sophie S., Lauren, Alesha, Abigail and Andreja!

Happy Holidays!! I am attaching a certificate for you on completion of Fourth Class! I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed teaching you! You are a super group of girls with such lovely manners. You are so positive and always up for a challenge! And most importantly you are so caring towards each other. Remember my favourite quote? “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”, well I think you are all such kind girls, always stay that way!

Unfortunately our time together was cut short on 12th March but you still managed to make me smile knowing you were all doing your best at home. I’m sure it wasn’t easy at times but you persevered so well done! Now it is time to enjoy the summer holidays!

Have fun girls enjoying the outdoors and do keep up the reading if you can! Some of you might like to do the library Summer Stars reading challenge. Remember, “Be the busiest bee!”

Happy birthday to Christina and Tiannah who both have birthdays in the coming days! Enjoy the celebrations girls!

Stay safe everyone and see you in September!

Mrs. Ó hEithir. 🙂

Certificate – Completion of Fourth Class

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