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Third Class

Miss Duke

Wow! Time is flying by here in Third Class. We’ve had such a busy month since coming back to school after our Summer Break! Can you believe we are in October already? We’ve really settled into Third Class with our teacher Ms. Duke. Thankfully she is nothing like Mr. Unsworth – the nasty teacher that we have been learning about in the poem ‘My Teacher’ by Roald Dahl!

We have been so busy this term and there is so much for to come for us this year! We’ve started cursive handwriting and it is so much fun! We’ve also started learning our multiplication tables – we are flying with them! We are loving taking part in Science experiments, our first experiment of the year was to find out how much sugar there was in popular drinks – we were shocked at the results!

Muriel has been busy teaching us some new Irish dances, we can’t wait to show them off at our next school Ceilí! We were really lucky to be chosen to take part in the Peace Proms concert next February and our songs promise to having you dancing in the aisles! We have been exploring the work of an artist and we’ve have created some beautiful art pieces so far. We love when people ask us about our inspiration for them and telling them all about the artistic process.

Many of you will have met our class mascot Pluto, he has been on some great adventures and he has many more to come! He has gotten up to so much mischief with his buddies in places like the RTE studios, Tramore, on top of a Ferris Wheel at the Harvest Festival, on a Rescue Boat and he was even working in Starbucks!

We are really enjoying our projects; Project Speed Dating is so much fun! We will be continuing these for the rest of the year – we have learned so much already and it is really helping our public speaking skills, our presenting skills and our oral language!

We had great fun on our Maths trail, we explored Maths in our school environment which was a lovely way of learning on our feet and it helped us to realise that maths isn’t just something in our copies, it is everywhere!! As you can see we really have been busy bees, this week alone saw us take part in a Maths trail for Maths week, visit our new school library and our new state of the art computer room! How lucky are we!

We can’t wait to keep you updated on our adventures and learning! Stay tuned for our Third Class tales!