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First Class

Miss Shiel

Term Two…

We are working hard again this term. We have enjoyed many activities both inside and outside the classroom. Our highlights so far have been World Book Day and Seachtain na Gaeilge.


December was such a busy month for us here in First Class. We were working hard all month – getting better at reading and our tables. We learned all about Advent and the Christmas story. We were learning numbers 15 and 16 in Maths and we became very confident in using our foclóir in Irish lessons. We practiced our singing and actions for the Christmas Pageant and we had a lovely evening in the church. We had lots of fun during the month of December and got to have several treats throughout the month. We were lucky enough to get chosen to have the golden ticket to Winterval and we had the chance to have an amazing day in town. We went on the carousel, the ferris wheel, the Waterford eye, a pony ride and we even got a selection box afterwards. We also got a special delivery from McDonalds in school- Happy Meals all around!! We did lots of art and we sang some lovely Christmas carols and finally we were treated to a special Christmas party in the hall where Mrs Claus even made an appearance.


October and November…
We have had two very busy months in Room 4 in the Small Building. First Class have been working so hard and having lots of fun as well.
For P.E. we have been playing lots of different games using balls and beanbags. We are getting really good at throwing and catching. Some girls made it to 100 throws and catches without dropping the ball.
We have been spending plenty of time with our heads in books. We all LOVE to read and really enjoy a trip to the library or our own classroom reading garden.
We have done lots of writing over the last few weeks. We have been writing all about winter and about hibernation. We loved learning about hedgehogs. We all really love animals on our class. We were lucky enough to have a visit Maxi Zoo. A lovely bunny called Delilah came to see us. We all had the chance to pet her soft fur.
We have been learning lots of new vocabulary in our Gaeilge lessons and we are flying through our new numbers in Maths.
We were so lucky to do drumming this term. It was so much fun. We learned lots about beat and rhythm as well as learning about traditions in different places around the world.  For Art, we have been mixing colours, cutting and sticking and always using our imaginations.
We had two special treats this month in the Parents’ Room. We got to have ‘Snuggle Time’ with our families and some delicious hot chocolate and cookies.The children also got to bake chocolate corn flake buns because they had been such hard workers.


What a September we have had!! We all settled back into the school routine well and welcomed our new students with open arms. We enjoyed learning our numbers and reading everyday. We had great fun writing and we heard some great stories. We have been doing loads of Arts and Crafts and made some of the wonderful creatures we saw when we did our ‘Minibeast Hunt’. We spent a lot of time outdoors and we even took a walk to the park with Ms Fetton’s Class. It was tree week and we wanted to check out what was happening with the trees in autumn. We noticed the leaves changing colour and we found acorns and conkers on the ground. We also got to spend some time in the playground which was great fun. We really enjoyed going to the library for some quiet reading and we all loved to pick a new book each week. We learned about our families in Irish and even wrote a little about them by ourselves. We learned new songs and poems and we really enjoyed dancing in the class everyday to keep fit and healthy. So far school has been a blast and we cannot wait to see what the year will bring.


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