Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

First Class

Miss Curry

Hip hip, hooray! We skipped into school to see our friends last week and so many exciting activities have been taking place since then. Firstly, we played some maths games and made our favourite jigsaws with our friends.
We listened to the story ‘ A Bad Case of Tattler Tongue’ and designed group posters of tongues that have turned bright and spotty after telling tales. This posters are now hanging proudly in our classroom 🙂
World Book Day saw unicorns, princesses, wizards and much more take over 1st class for the day. Ms. Curry had to rub her eyes to make sure she wasn’t seeing things! After presenting our favourite book to the class, we took turns reading it to our groups.
Next came St. Patrick’s day. We up-cycled egg cartons and packaging to make floats. By taking junk such as old soup tubs, toothpicks, wool and tin foil, some beautiful pieces were created from our imaginations. These included flags for the different nationalities in our class, banners, people and even food dishes such as sushi with chopsticks!
We also designed the Ireland flag by using different coloured paper, a poster and shamrock headbands for our parade. Drummers, shakers, and dancers took part in our march all around the school grounds and we showed off our Irish dancing skills by doing our 1,2,3 steps to traditional music in the yard. Ms. Curry was delighted to hear us all say that this was the best day ever!
One of our new experiences this term is becoming picker pals. We are taking turns bringing home a kit that helps us collect rubbish in a safe way. Have a look at some of our photos so far…
We enjoyed an egg and spoon relay race in PE for Easter, using coloured egg shells and even fried eggs! While learning about what  seeds need to grow, we planted some radish, beetroot, spinach and salad leaves. Our plants are now at home, where we are taking great care of them. When they grow, we are going to put them in a salad to eat. Ms. Curry is continuing to give each of us the special Picker Pals kit to help tidy up our local areas. We are really excited to see more photos of each of our friends in action!
We have been learning all about the sun, how it gives us light and heat and why we need these.
Making sun art from food was so much fun and getting to eat our delicious pictures after was great
too! In Maths, we have been exploring what doubles look like. Using a mirror and some of our
favourite items at home, we were able to count different doubles and make our very own number
sentences from it. Dressing up as a Ninja warrior to fight the virus using our powers and doing sun
salutation yoga are just some of the activities that have helped us to get active.
Then there was a huge surprise, it snowed! Tons of laughs were had playing in the snow, making
snowmen and throwing snowballs when it fell recently. Can you find the special message from our
teacher to us, hidden in the pictures below?
Double celebrations were had this week with St. Brigid’s day and Children’s Mental Health
Awareness week. For this special day, we learned how to make crosses out of newspaper, paper and
pipe cleaners. The second activity we did was a ‘top secret’ one. All we were told was that it had to
be a colourful pattern designed on a white sheet of paper. You will never guess what Ms. Curry did
with our art! She made St. Brigid’s cloak from them!
For Children’s Mental Health Awareness week, we got stuck into so many lovely activities. These
included designing a poster for our own jokes, exploring a kaleidoscope and spirograph, doodling,
skating, skipping and going on adventure walks. It is safe to say, an exciting time was had!
We also got to say a big hello and share our smiles with everyone on a Zoom class video meeting.
Ms. Shiel brought along two little surprise guests to greet us with a wave, her baby twins!

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday at home by designing menus for our very own café! We got inventive with toppings by pairing some unusual sweet treats together. We have been learning all about different types of insects and even went on a mini-beast hunt around our gardens and local areas to see how many we could spot. Earthworms, spiders and centipedes were just some of the creepy crawlies that we found under stones and watched at work. This was our inspiration for creating insects using tin foil, pipe cleaners, paper, card and even wiggly eyes!

Green day was another great celebration where we got to dress up in our green clothes and accessories for our green flag as part of being a green school. Taking part in our school poster competition and learning about the importance of washing before recycling along with the jobs of each wheelie bin has helped us to see that old items can become new ones, for example a toy!

We gathered clean recyclable materials and used them for a recent art project where we made our dream homes. Ms. Curry adored our Jacuzzis, pools, castles, hurling-themed, flying and cake shaped houses.

Even though we are still missing our friends, Zoom has been lots of fun doing show and tell, a house scavenger race and PE with our teacher, led completely by us!  Now that we know we are going back to school, we can’t wait to chat, play, grow and learn in person again.

Even though we are not at school right now, we are having lots of fun learning at home. We have started using a very cool new app called Kids A-Z and are earning stars for our great reading. Our teacher, Ms. Curry, even gives us bonus stars when she thinks we have made an extra special effort! We are also learning how to use Seesaw, studied the famous artist Pablo Picasso, had a Zumba dance party at home, made our own scales to weigh different things around our house. One of our really fun activities so far was drawing what we think our teacher is getting up to while we are in hibernation at home! To help us relax and have some calm, quiet time, we have been doing some mindfulness exercises. To do these, we go to our cozy space, sit or lie down. Sometimes, we shut our eyes, to given them a rest, while listening to stories and using our imagination.
November and December…
While learning all about the Antarctica and Winter, we got messy using shaving foam and glue to make 3-D snowman and had lots of laughs along the way.

To mark advent, we designed our own candle wreaths (while giving toilet rolls a new life!) Our teamwork and problem-solving skills were put to great use when decorating our pods for Christmas.

Having hot chocolate, making pizzas and watching a pantomime have all added to the excitement during our countdown to the festive season. We are looking forward to enjoying our holidays and the start of a new year in First Class.

September and October…

We have had a fantastic and busy time celebrating Halloween by dressing up, experimenting during science week by making cloud dough and building obstacles for robots which our school got to borrow (lucky us!)
Lots of fun was had playing maths games to reinforce our addition and subtraction learning. Pointillism was one of our favourite topics explored in art and we took great pride in creating our own leaves using our favourite Autumn colours.