Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

First Class

Miss Shiel

The first half of this term has been super busy in the Small Building. We have gotten to know each other well and had loads of fun.
We learned all about autumn and a special animal that hibernates during the winter. We made some cool autumn leaf pictures and also wrote all about what changes happen during autumn.
We learned all our 2-D shapes and became shape detectives in our classroom.
We heard the story of Titus Troublesome Tooth and in between laughing we were able to recount the story very well. Poor Titus!
We all dressed up in really spooky costumes for Halloween and did our best to scare our teacher! We had a great time at the Halloween party and really enjoyed all the dancing and activities. Back in the classroom we made some scary skeletons and some stripey witches tights. 
So far this term is a blast and even though we are looking forward to our Midterm break. We are all really looking forward to seeing what November brings. 

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