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Second Class

Miss Lyons

We loved dressing up as some of our favourite characters from some of the books we love!
We took part in a “Blind Book Date” in the classroom which generated a lot of excitement and anticipation among the girls.
We love our pots of gold for the wily leprechaun!!
We enjoyed learning how to make a St. Brigid’s Cross.We enjoy dancing to Cookie Boogue so much we decided to make our own chocolate chip cookies on the day of our midterm break! Yum!
Second class learned about different kind of homes around the world. The Kenyan Tribe, called the ‘Ndebele Tribe’ build and decorate their huts with bold colours and geometric shapes and patterns. We made our own huts in Art class. We loved practising our typing skills in I.C.T. Class….all you can hear in the room is “click, clack, click…”
We loved making our Chocolate Reindeer for this festive time of year! We used Dairy milk chocolate, cherries, almonds, cola laces and Smarties for our edible creations! On 17th December we came into Room 3  to see that ‘Joey’ had a great time taking selfies with Ms. Lyons’ phone! Cheeky monkey!
We looked at the work of Amedeo Modigliani, the Italian painter and sculptor. He is known for his modern portraits, painting elongated necks and faces and small lips. We had fun creating our Modigliani style self portraits!
We learned a lot about the planets in Our Solar System. We had great fun raiding Ms. Lyons’ shopping bag and comparing each planet’s size to different food! On the 17th October, we headed on our first bus trip of the year. We went to Kennedy Park in Wexford. We got a lovely guided tour around the park where we observed many signs of nature in Autumn. We had a lovely day in the fresh October air! We absolutely adore visiting our new computer room! We are learning typing skills, some basic code and playing Maths and English games, whilst having fun. We end every lesson with an interactive story time. We love I.C.T.!
We love drama in 2nd Class. Here we are creating still images of the tasks the Fianna Army had to perform. This was part of our lesson on the Irish Legend ” Oisín in Tír na nÓg”.

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