Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Junior Infants

Mrs Brett

In March we had a taster session of African drumming, we really enjoyed it! We celebrated World Book Day and dressed up as a character from a book. Our buddies even made books for us!
We worked hard on Number in maths and played lots of dice games and made sets.
In February we loved eating yummy pancakes on Pancake Tuesday! We also celebrated Well Being Week. We got to do art, exercise, yoga and story time with our buddies. We also chose an outfit that represented our own individuality and wore it in school.


In January we worked on the theme of Weather and we sorted out clothes for various weather conditions.


December has been a busy busy month but so much fun! We got to make our own snow and work at Santa’s workshop designing and wrapping toys. We also played with the doll’s house and we learned about the circle and square in maths. Happy holidays to everybody and see you in 2024


In November we worked hard on patterns in maths and we role-played at the doctor’s surgery in Aistear!


In October we started Aistear (learning through play) and we really loved taking care of the babies and building houses.

Also this month we will be started Zumba and we love it!

Before Halloween we had great spooky fun playing at the witch’s lab and we made some tasty marshmallow ghosts!


What a busy start we have had to our year, the weeks have flown by! We are all settled into our new school routine now and are already looking forward to Hallowe’en! Have a look at our photos to see what we’ve been working on.

In September we did lots of circle time to practice our good listening skills and play language games. We also started lots of pre-reading and pre-writing activities. We enjoyed sorting by colour in maths. We worked on describing ourselves and drawing our portraits. Everyday we exercise our hand muscles to make them strong for writing, sometimes we practice writing in our play dough! We have lovely buddies from 5th class who do lots of nice activities with us including a colour hunt around the school and green ribbons for World Mental Health Day.