Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Fourth Class

Miss Curry

We are enjoying our Zumba classes every week. We are getting fitter everyday.

We have been learning a lot about taking pictures in our camera class. We went for a ‘texture and surface’ hunt around the school and took lots of pictures. It was amazing to see how many different textures could be found around our school. We worked with a partner during our hunt and we then had to work in pairs to pick our favourite three pictures from those we had taken. It was hard to choose three but we were all really happy with the pictures we chose. We went to see the Red Kettle play on January 15th. It was brilliant as it always is. We really enjoyed joining in and some of us even got picked to be characters in the play. It was great fun.

We performed our Nativity Play at St. Paul’s Church during December. It was a special evening and we really enjoyed the experience.¬†We had great fun at the Christmas party, and would like to thank Mrs. Murphy and everyone who helped on the day. We really enjoyed making Christmas decorations, playing Christmas games, dancing at the disco and drinking some lovely hot chocolate. Listening to a story read, by Mrs. Claus, in our new school library was very relaxing. A great time was had by all.
We wrote scary Halloween stories and told them around a campfire.
We had great fun making items using air drying class.
We started a camera club in our class and the girls really enjoyed taking pictures. They were given a theme of ‘lines’ and took some great pictures.
We love using our new computer room. We were learning to type and have worked hard typing the fairy tale stories which we wrote.