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Fourth Class

Mrs Mullally

We have had a busy start to 4th Class!
It took some time in September to get to know everyone, as our classes were combined from last year. This means that we now have lots of new friends!
In September we went to Walsh Park as often as we could, and learned about some interesting topics. In SESE, we learned about Games & Pastimes in the past, and interviewed parents/grandparents about the games they used to play. There were lots of familiar ones! We also learned about the history of the Maori people in New Zealand, and designed masks in the style they might have worn in battle.
In October, we learned about how animals are adapted to their environment, and combined this with our “colour mixing” work in art, to show chameleons changing from one colour to another.
We were thrilled to get to visit Garter Lane for an art workshop. The artists there showed us Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and we created our own interpretations of his work.

Now, we are preparing for Halloween! We have a Halloween raffle coming up, so everyone is making an extra effort ag léamh as Gaeilge (reading in Irish) among other things, to earn tickets and boost their chances! On Mondays, Fresh Today sends us apples as part of our snack, so we made chocolate apples to ensure that none would go to waste! It definitely worked!


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