Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Sixth Class

Miss Ivory

December… All Ireland fever has hit Waterford. Attached below are some photos of the girls finishing their fans in the stands.
Back to School…
It’s great to be back at school and to see all our friends and teachers again. Some things are a bit different and we have new routines. We are in groups of 6 (pods) and we’re only allowed be in our pods while in the classroom. When the teacher comes over to help us she wears a mask. When she’s not wearing a mask she wears a visor at the top of the class. The yard is split into six groups and to get to our space in the yard we’ve to walk on a white line. Recently all the classes in the school had an assembly on ‘Zoom’. It was very cool and interesting to see everyone on a big screen. We even ended up singing a song together! The whole school is split into different timetables so we can keep a safe distance apart. We wash and sanitise our hands throughout the day to keep safe. We are still learning new things and enjoying school even with the new routines. We’re looking forward to the year ahead.
By Lucy Linnane and Amy Byrne