Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Green Schools

Green-Schools, known internationally as Eco-Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.

Presentation Primary School has participated in this programme since 2005 and has successfully achieved the following flags:

  1. Litter and waste
  2. Energy
  3. Water
  4. Travel
  5. Biodiversity

We are currently working on the Global Citizenship Litter and Waste flag.

Children from various classes have been involved in:

  • Green School Committee
  • Renewal of the flags achieved to date
  • Planning for the various flags
  • Planting Spring Bulbs and Vegetables
  • Harvesting Vegetables and Fruit
  • Baking Apple Crumble with fruit gathered from trees
  • Maintaining indoor plants
  • Feeding the birds
  • Making bird feeders
  • Observing and identifying garden birds
  • Butterfly Garden and Wildflower Patch
  • Insect Hotel
  • Log Pile
  • Other agencies e.g. Heritage in Schools, Waterford Area Partnership
  • Litter-picking
  • Anti-littering posters
  • Making Junk Art robots
  • WOW – Walk on Wednesday
  • Completing Nationality surveys with their classes
  • Completing projects based on different countries
  • Tasting food from different countries
  • Organising colouring competitions

As part of the Green Flag process, we held our Green Day remotely on February 17th 2021. Pupils in every class completed activities on the topic of litter and waste, and were invited to take part in a poster competition based on our Green Code – “3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to save our 1 World. ”

Well done to the over 100 girls and boys who entered the competition, and to our 3 winners Рsee photographs below.

Click here to watch our video Green Day 2021

Well done to everyone who took part in our WOW – Walk on Wednesday on May 12th. What a great turnout – over 100 pupils from Junior Infants – 6th Class!