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Some classes have been using Kids A-Z (RAZ Kids) for their reading online, and today we passed a major milestone for 2021. The girls and boys have spent over 40,000 minutes online listening to books, reading them and completing quizzes … that’s nearly 670 hours in January and February alone! Well done everyone and keep it up!

Green Day 2021

As part of the Green Flag process, we held our Green Day remotely on February 17th. Pupils in every class completed activities on the topic of litter and waste, and were invited to take part in a poster competition based on our Green Code – “3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to save our 1 World. ”

Well done to the over 100 girls and boys who entered the competition, and to our 3 winners.

Check out our video Green Day

Christmas Fun!


Christmas was celebrated in style at Presentation Primary School! Many thanks to all the staff, parents, grandparents and children who have given their time and Christmas decorations in order to make our Christmas Garden very special. It was lovely to see the delight of everyone who passed it. A Christmas activity trail was also created for the classes to enjoy. All pupils loved their trip to the hot chocolate station and then enjoyed their virtual trip to ‘The Sword in the Stone’ panto at the Helix.

We have made a special Christmas message for you. Click here to watch our message.

Up the Déise!

Our school was lucky to be chosen as one of the 30 schools to take part in “Fans in the Stands.” 100 cardboard cutouts were delivered and we got the chance to paint self portraits on them. These were brought to Croke Park ahead of the All Ireland final between Waterford and Limerick. We wore blue and white on Friday 11th to show our support to the Waterford team. Even though the result was not in our favour, we were still very proud of the team on the day. Up the Deise!

Presentation Day 2020

All pupils and staff celebrated Presentation Day this year through Zoom. Mrs O’Mara led a special prayer service with some lovely singing from the choir to mark the occasion. It was lovely to hear all the beautiful singing voices from all areas of the school.

Listen to our beautiful choir sing ‘One Step Beyond’…


Science Week 2020

Science Week has been another great success for us this year.

Ms Fitzgerald’s Class really enjoyed Science Week and were very grateful to the University of Limerick for sending them six Edison robots to try out. They learned a little about how robots have been developing, and how useful they are in manufacturing. These Edison robots are programmed to read certain barcodes, and the girls were able to set them to search for and track lines or light (with a torch), to detect/avoid obstacles, and to sense/respond to claps. They had great fun figuring it all out!

Miss Duke’s Fifth Class put Edison to the test with the various courses they designed. The girls investigated whether Edison was as effective at following lines over a longer distance – turns out he is an excellent long distance robot, he travelled 9 metres super quick!

Mrs McAra’s Third Class had so much fun programming their ‘Edison’ robots. They experimented with their reactions to sound, objects, colour and light. Lots of budding IT whizz kids in 3rd Class.

Miss Quinn’s Fifth Class enjoyed doing lots of activities for Science Week. They watched a video to learn all about the senses, they tried out the experiments to test their senses and they made some slime. They were also really lucky to get to use Edison the robot! It was so much fun to get Edison to do tricks and they even got to make their own tracks for him to follow.
Mrs McCarthy’s Second Class took part in an online science show hosted by the Science foundation Ireland called Foodoppi- Eat your Science. They learned about the Five Senses and also how to make Ice-cream. The girls had great fun trying out some Sense experiments. However making strawberry ice-cream was the highlight of the week.
Ms Power’s Class experimented with robots and slime. They had so much fun.
Miss Lyons Second Class made categories of different types of materials and sorted different objects into subcategories. Some materials fitted into two or three subcategories!
From working and playing with robots to making their own lava lamps, Ms O’Sullivan’s 6th Class were very busy this week for Science Week. They were hands on scientists for the week.
Mrs O’Dwyer’s Class haven been learning about solids, liquids and gases and enjoyed doing some experiments.

Halloween Fun

Halloween was a little bit different for us at school this year, but we still had our annual dress-up day. We had great fun. Who can you recognise in the photographs?

Maths Week 2020

Maths Week Ireland 2020 was a great success again this year.

Mrs O’Dwyer’s girls were very busy during the week. They went on a Maths trail around the grounds, did some Halloween polygon art and took out the tangrams. They completed the “Climb the Heights” challenge and skipped the height of mountains such as Carrauntoohill, Mt. Olympus, Aukstoas Hill, Mt Rysy and more.

Mrs O’Heithir’s girls were busy too this week. They completed a Maths trail on the school active Greenway. Well done girls!

All pupils had great fun skipping in the yard with their new skipping ropes.

New Skipping Ropes!

All pupils are enjoying their new sets of skipping ropes. Skipping class has never been so much fun!

Some clever girls used the pebble dash as their coat hooks when things got hot!

New School Year – New Look

We have a made a few changes to keep you safe. Click ‘New School Year – New Look’ to see these changes.

Annual Admission Notice

The Annual Admissions Notice in respect of admissions to the 2021/2022 school year is now available. Click on the ‘Policies’ tab above to access the document.

Hard Working Pupils!

Well done to our pupils who worked so hard during the school closure. Click on ‘Hard Working Pupils’ to see all your great work.

Click on any photograph to open a larger image.

Camera Club

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the students who sent me photographs during the recent lockdown. Well done to you all!

Ms Stones


A Message for our Pupils…

Click ‘A Message for our Pupils’ to see our message for you…


World Book Day 2020

Pupils celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a character from their favourite book.

Quiz Champions!

We would like to congratulate Mhairi, Aasia, Elizabeth and Carla for winning the Credit Union Regional Quiz on Monday 3rd of February. We are very proud of the girls!

Junior Entrepreneur Project

All three Sixth Classes are taking part in this years Junior Entrepreneur Project. They have divided into small groups and come up with a business idea. They have invited in a local business woman: ‘The Wreckless Chef’ and learned about how to set up and run their own mini company. The girls are learning the value of hard work as they sold their products at our school craft fair. Many made a profit and they all donated some proceeds to Make a Wish Foundation.

Grandparents’ Day 2020

Congratulations to the pupils and teachers from First Class on a wonderful Grandparents’ Day Ceremony. The girls were so well prepared. They read their prayers confidently and sang like angels. It was so uplifting. Thank you for all the hard work.

Also a big thank you to Ms Fetton for covering the teas and buns! WELL DONE ALL.

Homework Club

Homework Club runs from Monday to Wednesday during the school term. Contact Ms. Fetton for details. 

Christmas Pageant

Well done to the pupils from Fourth Class who performed the Christmas Story at our annual Pageant in St. Paul’s Church. The great acting and beautiful singing really brought the story to life for us. This was followed by a selection of Christmas songs from all other classes. It was such an enjoyable evening and thank you to everyone for all the hard work.