Presentation Primary School Waterford

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Fifth Class

Miss Curry

A visit to Garter Lane was a great trip and lots of fun. We designed fairytale castles for an upcoming Winterval exhibition and used many different materials.
In History, we have been learning all about the Egyptians and discovered many really cool facts. Pyramids were recreated in groups using cubes and layering them. What a super team effort.
Our Halloween class art was also a great process of creative thinking where we had free reign if materials to design our own masterpiece. Look how much effort was put into each and every one of them!
A class party on the day of our holidays began with playing a team fill the bucket game. This was followed by mummy wrap mania using toilet roll and a timer. After that, we made oreo mummies and watched Hocus Pocus while enjoying some treats.
Well done to our friends Lily and Nicole who participated in the Summer Stars Reading Programme and got a medal.
We have spent our first month getting to know Ms. Curry. by playing a true or false statement game, working out important dates linked to our teacher, chatting and having lots of fun!
Last week was friendship week. This was celebrated by designing the perfect friend recipe and then creating friendship soup to give to a classmate. A pinch of kindness, a spoonful if hugs and a jug of honesty were just some of the ingredients we came up with and added.
We have also been using our cycling skills in our weekly lessons and are really looking forward to continuing this into October.