Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Fifth Class

Miss Quinn

Our October News…

We went to the WIT and it was Maths Week. We learned how to save money and we learned how to count money from different countries. Then some people from our class got to go up and answer some Maths problems. We won some chocolates for being the quietest there.

We went to the Computer Room and we wrote stories for Halloween. Our teacher showed us how to edit the writing and how to make it bigger or smaller. We are going to be printing them out soon.

We did some baking in Irish, we made cookie dough.

The Mayor came to our school and we had a fancy dress day for Halloween. We all had great costumes and really enjoyed the day.

By Basia & Zoey

Our September News…

We’ve had a good start to Fifth Class in Ms. Quinn’s Class. We did cycling for 6 weeks with Ollie and Donal. We had so much fun doing it. They taught us how to cycle safely and they played fun games. We all loved it.

On 26th of September we had European Languages Day in the library. Some of the girls from our class spoke different languages and we learned some French. St. Stephen’s Boys’ school also went and some of the boys spoke different languages too. It is so important and good to learn new languages.

We’re doing Food Dudes too, every day we are given fruit and vegetables and if we taste them we can win a prize.

By Alix & Kayleigh