Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Fifth Class

Miss Quinn


Time is flying in 5th Class! We can’t believe it’s coming close to the end of May already! We enjoyed learning about magnets in science, we learned all about our hobbies in Irish and made some art based on our hobbies too. We had Ms. Fanning teaching us for a few weeks too which was great fun! We also loved making slime after all our hard work.
We want to say a huge welcome back to Leah. She had an operation and hadn’t been in school since before Christmas. We were delighted to welcome her back to class this week!


We’ve enjoyed finally being back in school together. We’ve been working really hard and have really impressed Ms. Quinn with how much maths we remember! We wrote recipes in Irish and had a great time celebrating Seactain na Gaeilge. In English we’ve been working on narrative writing and we’re looking forward to doing the final drafts of our stories after Easter. We designed and made parachutes in Science and painted beautiful cherry blossom trees for art. We’ve been so busy we can’t believe it’s time for Easter holidays already!


February has been another month of school from home for us. We continued to work hard and enjoyed our class zooms. We made the most of being at home and took the chance to show each other our pets and some pictures from home over zoom! We celebrated pancake Tuesday and sent in pictures of our delicious pancakes, we made posters for our green school’s day and had a green themed zoom to celebrate, and we made some cute heart animals for valentines day. We’ve also been working hard on our persuasive writing trying to convince Ms. Quinn that our favourite apps are the best ones! We know it will be hard to get used to getting up early again but we’re really looking forward to being back in school in two weeks time.


We’ve had a very unusual January in school as we’ve been doing our school work at home! We’ve still worked really hard and been sending our brilliant work in on SeeSaw. We’ve worked so hard that we managed to fill our pom pom jar and earn a reward for when we’re back in school. We’ve made some lovely art work and enjoyed learning about gravity in Science. We also enjoyed doing projects where we could choose the topic ourselves, there was a great variety of themes and even one about the Coronavirus. We’ve also just had our first class zoom call, Ms. Quinn put us onto the screen of our lovely new board in our classroom, we can’t wait to get back to school to use it! 


We’ve had an exciting December in 5th Class. We learned all about the Aztecs in history and we got a fish tank from Oceanics. We took care of the fish for 3 weeks and did some projects about the different species in our tank.
We had a brilliant time making our own fans to support the Waterford Team in Croke Park.
We really got into the Christmas spirit, we did some winter art, had a pyjama day and hot chocolate and even did some festive baking!
We’re really looking forward to relaxing and spending time with our families over the Christmas holidays.



We’ve had another busy month in 5th Class. We enjoyed doing lots of activities for science week, we made colour wheels in art and we worked so hard that we even earned a pyjama party! We were learning about report writing in English and worked together to write reports about the first emperor of China in history. We celebrated Presentation Day and for religion made flowers to remember loved ones who have died. Some of us have earned our pen licences, we’re so proud to be able to write in pen!

We enjoyed doing lots of activities for Science Week. We watched a video to learn all about our senses, we tried out the experiments to test our senses and we made some slime. We were also really lucky to get to use Edison the robot! It was so much fun to get him to do tricks and we even got to make our own tracks for him to follow.


We started cycling lessons with Donal and Ollie, we’ve really enjoyed them so far and learned lots already! We learned about the Earth and Sun in Geography and the digestive system in Science. We did some activities for Maths week – we watched a live show with a maths magician, did a maths trail and made our own ‘Maths Eyes’ problems. We enjoyed making lots of Halloween art and even took part in a virtual workshop to make Halloween wreaths. We loved dressing up on the day of the holidays and came up with some really creative costumes, we enjoyed showing off our costumes, making chocolate apples and playing some Halloween games.


We’ve settled in really well in Ms. Quinn’s Fifth Class. We’ve enjoyed getting to see each other again after such a long time away and we’re getting used to being in our groups and staying with our class. We’ve worked hard to make our classroom a bright and colourful place, we each made a hot air balloon for the door and we worked together on a collaborative colouring project to make a huge rainbow outside our room. Our class motto is ‘Trying your best brings great success’ and we’re looking forward to the year ahead and all the success we’ll have in Fifth Class.

We’ve had a busy September in 5th Class. We learned all about the body in science and made models of the lungs and digestive system. We learned about personification in English and wrote poems about what some of our belongings would say about us! We did some research on our favourite celebrities and made projects about them as Gaeilge. We did some lovely art work and enjoyed heading out and about on a scavenger hunt in the area around the school. Some girls were very creative and made a sign for our class using sticks and stones in the yard!