Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

First Class

Ms. Doyle and Mrs O'Donoghue


Our  St. Patrick’s Day celebrations included dancing “The Walls of Limerick ” and performing on the stage “as Gaeilge”. We also made lovely artwork for Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.
Ms.Doyle’s 1st Class and Miss Hennebry’s 4th Class enjoyed being busy at art during well being week.
Christmas in Ms.Doyle’s and Ms. O’Donoghue’s First Class was very busy. Listening to stories with Mrs.Claus in the library and creating a special mixture for Santa’s beard.

November…We were very busy in November.  We had so much fun with our buddies from 4th Class. They read us books in the library and gave us some dance lessons in the hall. We loved reading the story of goldilocks and the three bears and we made story spoons so that we could act out the story ourselves.  We made beautiful fruit bowls as we were learning about food. We also read the story owl babies and made prints of owls which was a little messy. We loved the baby owl the best as he just wanted his mammy. We are over the moon about our gymnastics classes every Friday and we wish they would never stop. Mia brought in her cards and did a fantastic magic show for us. We also had Science Week where we got to be part of three exciting experiments. We are so excited that it us nearly December and don’t forget Christmas.


We were super busy in October in 1st class. We made beautiful autumn trees with paint and straws it was so much fun. We supported the solar centre and wore orange. We got to have a whole school dance in the yard which we really enjoyed. We decorated our door for Halloween and created lots of beautiful art. We made cats and scary witches. It’s was also maths week and our favourite part was going on a maths trail in our building to find shapes, count and find patterns. We got to draw spiders which we found a bit scary. We loved the story room on the broom and watched the animated version which was so much fun.
We have got to know each other in September. We went on a treasure hunt to find girls in our class who likes the same things as us. We made dolls for our classroom door and decorated them to look like us. We looked at the story of the little red hen, giraffes can’t dance and the hungry caterpillar. We did art about our stories and we think art might be our favourite subject this year. We really enjoy dancing and love playing games in P.E.