Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

First Class

Miss Grant

We have settled in well to Ms Grant’s First Class. We have been working really hard learning all about our feelings in Irish and we had lots of fun doing autumn leaf prints.

We¬†had super attendance in September so we got to make roasted pepper and tomato soup with Ms Fetton’s Class.
We put some butter into a big pot, next we chopped onions and put them in the pot too. Then we took the stems off the roasted peppers and put these in the pot with the roasted tomatoes. We also added rosemary from the garden, mixed herbs, pepper and salt and stock cubes. Lastly, we added six tins of tomatoes. We left it to cook and we loved tasting it later on in the day. We would like to say thanks to Ms Fetton and Mrs Murphy.
We have been busy in Rang a hAon for the last few weeks. We did some lovely hot-air balloon art using strips of coloured paper. We were also so lucky when our parents came in and joined in for Snuggle Storytime, We spent time reading in the school library and then we got to have hot chocolate and cookies. It was lovely! Ms Fetton’s class joined in with us too.