Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

First Class

Miss Grant

We are well settled to Miss Grant’s First Class and have been working really hard too!

On Friday 13th December, all of Ms Grant’s class went to the Winterval Golden Ticket Day. First we went to the Giving Tree with our decorations and we took a group photo with the polar bears. Then we went on the carousel before having great fun on the small ferris wheel. Next we went on the helter skelter before we headed back for hot chocolate and our lunch. After our lunch we went on the Garda motorbike, we rubbed their horses and got to get into the fire engine. Later we went on the Waterford Eye. We loved the small ferris wheel so much we went on it again. After a brilliant day we walked back to school and relaxed before hometime. Every one of us had a great day at Winterval. We are so lucky!
We are having lots of fun in the run up to Halloween. We did an experiment using vinegar and bread soda, a bottle and a balloon. We attached our white balloon to the bottle, when the bread soda and vinegar mixed together our balloon blew up by itself and it looked like a ghost!!