Presentation Primary School Waterford

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Sixth Class

Mrs McAra


We were busy when we returned to school in January. The month ended with a very special ‘Wellbeing Week’.


We loved our Rhythm and Shakes workshops with Cathy.


We opened a slime factory in our room. Lots of slimy creations were brewed. Messy fun is the best fun.

Science week was full of explosions and creativity. From experimenting with acids and bases to putting jellies to the test in various environments. We loved being nutty professors.


Spooky things went on for Halloween in 6th. What a fantastic effort by all to join in the fun.

We had a fantastic day going orange to raise funds for the Solas Centre ahead of the annual Run and Walk for Life. We dressed orange and decorated the school windows. We hope you like it.

We loved creating Maths problems using Ms Stone’s Maths noticeboards. We created various levels of difficulty to cater to all class levels. She put us to the test with a Locked box of home passes. We worked in teams to solve the Maths riddles and we hit the jackpot after lots of hard work.

We had a fantastic PJ party as a reward for all the hard work that we do. It was a very cosy day.


Here in Mrs McAra’s 6th Class we have been really enjoying getting to know one another and bonding as a new class this September. We really enjoyed a group challenge of designing a Roald Dahl theme park for Roald Dahl day. Have a look and see some of the wonderful, wacky and creative ideas we came up with.

We enjoyed working in teams to complete some atlas challenges. We found out amazing facts about the continents and presented them on display fact files.

We loved taking part in friendship week this year where we buddied up with Mrs Southard’s Senior Infants. We enjoyed making jigsaws, completing art activities and going on a scavenger hunt. This is something that we will continue to enjoy throughout the school year.