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Sixth Class

Miss O'Sullivan

Term Two…

We would like to congratulate Mhairi, Aasia, Elizabeth and Carla for winning the Credit Union Regional Quiz on Monday 3rd of February. We are very proud of the girls!

All three Sixth Classes are taking part in this years Junior Entrepreneur Project. They have divided into small groups and come up with a business idea. They have invited in a local business woman: ‘The Wreckless Chef’ and learned about how to set up and run their own mini company. The girls are learning the value of hard work as they sold their products at our school craft fair. Many made a profit and they all donated some proceeds to Make a Wish Foundation.

Term One…

We have been working hard with Ms. Stones in Camera Club this term. For Maths week, the girls took pictures from around the school and uploaded them onto the computer. The then added appropriate Maths questions to enter a Maths Eyes Competition.

Congratulations to our Debate Team who won their first round of the competition in October. In this particular debate Carla Cullen Delsol was the captain, Ciara Sullivan was the second speaker and Eve Penkert was the third speaker. They spoke with such confidence and we are very proud of them! Thanks to the rest of the team and the many Sixth Class pupils who were on the research panel. We couldn’t have done it without their help. Well done girls!

The girls had a fantastic time at the Halloween party. They danced, bobbed for apples and made chocolate covered apples.