Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Senior Infants

Mrs Southard

Welcome to Mrs Southard’s Class. We have been so busy in Room 5. Every day is a new adventure with lots of hands on activities happening.


It was so lovely to see all the girls on March 1st, with big smiles on their faces, all looking very excited to be back at school. Thankfully, the weather has been on our side, so we took advantage of this and spent lots of time outside. We played with our skipping ropes, played with chalk, took lots of walks around the school, played in our little playground and did plenty of PE outside.
We did lots of learning through play and this helped us settle back into school life. We dressed up for World Book Day and enjoyed our March walkabout in our dress up clothes.
Our celebrations for St Patrick’s Day were fantastic. There was great excitement as we all paraded through the school, cheering each other on.
Wishing you all a safe, healthy and Happy Easter. Hope the Easter Bunny comes to you all.
December… has been and gone in the blink of an eye. We enjoyed learning about toys from the past and loved playing with Mrs Southard’s toys from when she was a child, We learned all about The Post Office and what happens to our letters when we post them. We had free play with magnets, did a Christmas adventure trail around the school and had hot chocolate and a disco in the hall. We really enjoyed our Winter Garden at school too.
In Numeracy, we learned the song 10 Little Elves, spent lots of time working on the number 8 and worked on length and width, guessing first and then measuring things like our books, our pencils and our tables.
In Literacy we worked on the sounds ‘ai’, ‘oa’ and ‘ie’. We played a new game called Fiddlesticks to help us with our sight words. It was great fun! We did plenty of cutting and sticking too to reinforce our sight words.
We loved listening to stories such as The Gruffalo’s Child, The Old Toy Room, The Jolly Christmas Postman, Santa Bear, I’ve Seen Santa, Careful Santa and The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas!!!
On Monday the 21st we were very lucky to be able to watch the very funny Sword In The Stone Panto from the Helix, online. Oh yes we did!!!
Finally, we would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

November… has flown by and again, it has been all go in Mrs Southard’s Class. We have been learning all about day and night and really enjoyed doing our art activity on this. We also learned about Neil Armstrong and about the planets ( I hope you all enjoyed the Planet Song!!). We designed our own astronaut suits too. We enjoyed drawing around our partner’s shadow with chalk (we waited a while for the sun to appear!) and have also been learning about things that use electricity. We especially enjoy hands on activities in Room 5 and loved building circuits and watching the light bulb light up. We did an interactive quiz on electrical safety and scored lots of points.

We have been learning about 3D shapes and enjoyed sorting the shapes. We played with lego, Minecraft toys and Duplo to reinforce the shapes. Learning through play is so much fun!
We have been playing lots of games and doing jigsaws to reinforce our sounds and our sight words. Jigsaws are a great way to encourage sharing, learning through play and spatial awareness.
Music has been different this year and we have been having music lessons with Mr O’Connor, on Zoom! We have been learning to keep a steady beat and to read music, very impressive!
Presentation Day was also celebrated on Zoom and I’m sure the girls enjoyed the half day.
Friday afternoons are great fun in Room 5, as we get Golden time, where we play with toys. The girls work so hard during the week and look forward to this every week, as do I!!
We enjoyed listening to the stories Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?, The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark, Night Monkey/ Day Monkey,Owl Babies, Peace At Last, Back To Earth With A Bump, Alien Love Underpants, Whatever Next and Chickens Can’t See In The Dark, We really love books!

October… has been another busy month in Room 5. We have been learning all about Autumn and The Farm. We took this opportunity to do some cooking with Ms Fetton. We helped peel the vegetables, add the mixed herbs and then got to eat our vegetable stew. It was delicious. Thanks Ms Fetton, we really enjoyed it.
We have been taking advantage of the dry weather ( when we get it ) and have been going outside lots. Thanks to Mrs O Mara for getting us all skipping ropes ( even Mrs Southard got one!!). We have been skipping all over the place and having great fun too.We also have been doing lots of PE outside and writing with chalk too.
September… We are all working very hard and learning lots. We have been blending our sounds and really enjoy using our magnetic letters to make our words. We use our whiteboards to practice writing our numbers and have been learning about length, height and width. We made really long chains and towers with links and cubes.
We learned about cows, bats and labelled the parts of a tree.
Listening to stories is a big hit in Room 5. We really liked Pete The Cat ( Rocking In My School Shoes..), The Litttle Red Hen, Farmer Duck, Room on The Broom and the fantastic story about 2 scarecrows, Betty O Barley and Harry O Hay in the great book- The Scarecrows Wedding. We hope you enjoy our pictures..