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Senior Infants

Mrs Southard

February was another exciting month in Room 5! . This month we were learning all about Houses and Homes.

We were learning our left and right this month and enjoyed playing Twister and dancing to The Cha Cha Slide to reinforce this. We learned about the Chinese New Year and loved using Lego to build The Three Little Pigs Houses. We really love construction!

We have been working hard on our sounds and love to play games to help us with our sounding out and blending. We listened to the stories A Squash and A squeeze, The 3 Little Pigs, The Story Of The Chinese New Year, Panda Bear Panda Bear and The Gruffalo.

We were very sad to finish Gymnastics, thanks to the coaches from Waterford Gymnastics Club .


In January we were  learning about the Polar Regions. We learned a lot about penguins and loved the book The Emperors Egg. We watched a youtube video and learned how to draw penguins. We practiced a few times on our white boards and then did the final draft. We also made penguins out of clay.  We listened to the stories Polar Bear Polar Bear, Big Bear Little Bear, The Runaway Iceberg and The Emperors Egg. We played lots of games to reinforce our phonics and sight words we love to use our whiteboard and chalk to practice these.

In Maths we really enjoy station work where we are learning through play. Jigsaws are a big hit in room 5 and we also enjoy using cubes to make numbers.

We absolutely love Gymnastics in Room 5 and love to burn off all that energy! For Wellbeing week we really had a relaxing time doing Yoga and enjoyed getting together with our friends in Mrs McAra’s 6th Class for art work….. Team work makes the dream work!

Enjoy looking through our pictures!

December… has been and gone in the blink of an eye .We learned all about The Post Office and what happens to our letters when we post them. We had free play with magnets and enjoyed story time in our library with Mrs Clause and her elf. We really enjoyed our Winter Garden at school too.

In Numeracy, we learned the song 10 Little Elves, spent lots of time working on the number 8 and worked on length and width, guessing first and then measuring things like our books, our pencils and our tables.

In Literacy we worked on the sounds ‘ai’ and ‘oa’. We did plenty of cutting and sticking too to reinforce our sight words.

We loved listening to stories such as The Jolly Christmas Postman, Santa Bear, I’ve Seen Santa and Careful Santa.

We were very lucky to be able to watch the very funny Hansel and Gretel Panto from the Helix, online. Oh yes we did!!!

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you all on January 5th!

November… has flown by and again, it has been all go in Mrs Southard’s Class. We have been learning all about day and night and space. We designed our own astronaut suits, played a game to ‘invent’ an alien and loved our small world Spaced themed activities in Aistear.

We learned about ‘the olden days’ when there was no electricity, and listed all the things we use today, thanks to electricity. We did an interactive quiz on electrical safety and scored lots of points.

We have been learning about 3D shapes and enjoyed sorting the shapes. Learning through play is so much fun! We also have been learning our 2D shapes and enjoyed drawing around our 2D shapes to make pictures.
We have been playing lots of games and doing jigsaws to reinforce our sounds and our sight words. Jigsaws are a great way to encourage sharing, learning through play and spatial awareness.

We enjoyed listening to the stories Night Monkey/ Day Monkey, Owl Babies, Peace At Last, Back To Earth With A Bump, Alien Love Underpants.  We really love books!


October… has been another busy month in Room 5. We have been learning all about Autumn and The Farm. We painted Autumn leaves with beautiful Autumn colours. We have been taking advantage of the dry weather (when we get it) and have been going outside lots. We had a spooktacular time dressing up for Halloween

We use our whiteboards, chalk and playdough to practice writing our numbers, letters and sight words.

We have been learning about length, height and width in Maths. We made really long chains and towers with links and cubes. We measured each other with lollipop sticks (even Mrs Southard got measured!)

Listening to stories is a big hit in Room 5. We really liked The Little Red Hen, Farmer Duck, Room on The Broom, Grandad’s Farm and the fantastic story about 2 scarecrows, Betty O Barley and Harry O Hay in the great book- The Scarecrows Wedding. We hope you enjoy our pictures..

September …

Well done to all the girls for settling back into school life. They have all enjoyed meeting up with their friends again and being kept busy.

September has been a very busy month in Mrs Southard’s class, getting used to new routines and generally having great fun while learning. We have been doing the topic Myself. We had great fun with the game Operation, using play dough to make faces and playing the game Operation.

We love being outside and have been doing lots of P.E. outdoors, going on our September walk, writing our letters, sight words and numbers with chalk and visiting our little park.

We love singing and dancing too and especially enjoyed the story ‘ Pete The Cat ‘with its very catchy song!

For Friendship Week we teamed up with Mrs McAra’s 6th class for lots of activities, such as paired reading, making jigsaws and art.

The girls have been very busy doing lots of hands on activities and especially like jigsaws, construction and the odd game of Bingo!

We listened to the stories First Week At Cow School, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Don’t Eat The Teacher, Pete The Cat and Elmer.

We hope you all enjoy our pictures!