Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Third Class

Mrs O’Dwyer

Third Class already! We’ve settled in well to Mrs O’Dwyers Third Class and are working hard. It will be an exciting year!

November… We are doing lots of music in November. We love our Rhythm and Shakes classes with Cathy and we also went to our Peace Proms workshop in WIT Arena. We’re looking forward to our concert in March. For Presentation Day, we attended Mass in St Paul’s church and Annarose, Molly and Sorcha were brilliant at the liturgical dance. We are also completing the Young Engineers award and worked in groups to design things which would make our community a better place. A real life engineer Barry Freyne visited the school and we showcased our projects. He also told us about his work as an engineer and did some fun activities with us.

October was a busy and exciting time in Third Class. For World Animal Week we learned all about animals and even went to visit Pet Mania. We also celebrated Maths Week with a Maths trail around the school. We enjoyed going to the computer room each week and have been learning to code. We even completed our Hour of Code and earned certificates. We really enjoyed playing lots of games and having fun at our Halloween party.