Presentation Primary School Waterford

A great tradition of education in Waterford since 1798

Language Class

Ms. Power


Ms. Power’s class have been busy since we returned to school. We have been learning the time and making our own clocks. Ask us to tell you the time. We had so much fun at our St. Patrick’s Day parade and socially distant céilí too.

Easter: We painted boiled eggs and had an egg rolling race. It was super fun but the poor eggs didn’t survive.


Ms. Powers Class had the task of decorating the Christmas tree in the small building. We had great fun doing this and I think you would all agree they did a super job. The boys really enjoyed watching the Helix Panto ‘The Sword in the Stone’. Happy Christmas from all the boys in Ms. Powers Class.


We had great fun caving a pumpkin with Ms. Burke’s Class. We made pumpkin soup with Ms. Fetton too. It was delicious. We did a Halloween experiment with balloons, baking soda and vinegar. It was great fun. It was Chris’s 8th birthday. Keegan dyed his hair to raise money for charity. During Science Week we experimented with robots and slime. We had so much fun.

The boys have worked really hard on their handwriting over the last few months. They have made great progress, I am so proud of all their hard work. Mrs. O’Mara was really impressed with their writing and presented them all with handwriting certificates.

October…Ms. Power’s and Ms. Burke’s classes went on a Nature Trail together. We had a check list of things to find. We collected autumn leaves as well as conkers, walnuts and acorns. We had lots of fun.

Last week was Space Week, we studied our Solar System and watched some space shuttles being launched into space. We had great fun designing and then building our own Space Shuttles.

September…We have had a great first week back with Ms. Power in LC2. We picked and ate delicious apples from the school garden and we made soup with Ms. Fetton. We are all really enjoying being back at school.

We have been discussing hobbies. We visited Walsh Park and we made a sketch of the pitch. When we returned to class we constructed our very own GAA pitch. We had so much fun.
We had great fun on our nature walk with Ms. Fetton and Ms. Power. We saw lots of different trees including Oak, Horse Chestunt and Walnut. We collected leaves and bark rubbings and brought them back to class for our nature table.