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Language Class

Ms. Hogan


Happy Holidays! Check out the photographs below from your time in the Language Class.

Mrs Hogan

Our School Year…


We have a busy year planned! Our class has enjoyed making smoothies and learning about healthy options. We also enjoyed a tour of the Waterford Walls where we bumped into some Gardaí who took some time out to tell us about their jobs. Joe Widger also welcomed us into his Butchers.

This month we went on a nature walk to see if we could find some blackberry bushes and we weren’t disappointed. We were able to pick our own blackberry’s and when we returned to school we made some yummy blackberry muffins. They were delicious.

We have just finished what was a fantastic term of Irish dancing with Muriel. All of the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have improved so much at their 1,2,3s. We are sure to see some of these smart movers in River Dance soon!


Here in the Senior Speech and Language Class we celebrated National Pet week. We discussed the pets we have at home and even thought of some imaginary ones!! We went on a trip to Pet Mania where we met Bob, the bearded dragon, some friendly hamsters and rabbits and lots of colourful fish.

The lovely staff of Pet Mania sponsored our school and gave us some bird feeders and food to feed the small birds around our school as winter sets in. We put them in the trees and waited to see what types of birds would come for a nibble. We saw a robin and starling and a few pesky crows!

We also got two fish for our classroom, Goldie and Froggie. We feed them every day, make sure the bowl is clean and sometimes we like to take a time out to have a look at them swimming around.
Together with Ms Burke’s Class we set off on a Treasure Hunt Nature Walk. We had to find everything on our checklist along the way including conkers, nettles, pigeons and leaves. We managed to complete the hunt and had lots of fun learning about the different trees there are around the school.
As Halloween approached, we learned about different bones in our body and decided to make some spooky skeleton cookies! We had to have a very steady hand to decorate them.
What better way to greet the midterm than some more baking. These boys will be on MasterChef soon enough and they are definitely being influenced by those daddies and mammies working in the food industry! We made some scary bat cupcakes and tombstone cupcakes. Try them if you dare!!!!
We visited Garter Lane where we took part in a Halloween Workshop. Jenny taught us how to draw a witch step by step. We made up stories about of witches and what adventures they went on. We also made our very own masks and had lots of fun acting out dramas in them.
We learned how to carve out pumpkins and also tried some Halloween barmbrack. The ring proved difficult to find!! Our Halloween Party was a roaring success. We enjoyed a boogie at the disco, trying to get our apples at the Snap Apple, making toffee apples, making Oreo Spiders and even making wands and masks! We sure did have a jam packed day.

Our theme this month is “Food” and we certainly love our food!!! We are hoping to try as many healthy foods as we can fit in over the month. So far we’ve made a fruit salad with honeydew and cantaloupe melon, pineapple, watermelon, apple, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and raspberries. We tried some of these for the first time. They were very tasty. We listened to the Wiggles Song “Fruit Salad”. Another healthy treat we made was popcorn. It was easy to make and the popping sounds the corn made were very funny.

On Wednesday 13th November we went on a trip to Tesco to buy ingredients for our cookery lesson. We read our shopping list and looked for chicken breasts, breadcrumbs, eggs, pasta and milk. When we returned back to school we made chicken goujons using 3 easy steps.

1. First dip the chicken in flour. 2. Next dip the chicken into the eggs. 3. Last dip the chicken into the breadcrumbs.
We cooked the chicken in the oven. While the chicken goujons were cooking we made some macaroni and cheese.
It was delicious. We love making homemade snacks and hope to try them at home with our mammies and daddies.

Our fish are back from their holidays in Jack James house. The had a great week and were cared for by the whole family!

As the days are getting colder we are keeping a special eye out for the small birds around the school, making sure they have food each week. We’ve spotted a few Robin’s while bringing out the new food and we think they might be reporting back to Santa!! We are running low on energy balls for the birds so we will be making our own ones from seeds and honey soon.
Some days we try out new healthy foods and other days we make pancakes!! Everyone helped to make the batter for our crepes. We topped them off with some Nutella and sugar. We will be well prepped for pancake Tuesday!!
The boys made their very own Rainbow Cupcakes. They took over the role of chief baker taking control of the kitchen for start to finish! We were practising our verbs such as pouring, mixing, cooking and cleaning.
Freshly baked cookies are the way to our heart! These were easy to make and we made 2 different recipes, one with a batter and the other with a dough. Needless to say they both tasted delicious.
On 26th November we went on a tour of the factory of Waterford Crystal. We learned about how the glass is made, blown, moulded and cut. We sang some songs for the workers to get them through the day. Our favourite part was seeing the men cutting the glass. Fun fact: they don’t work from plans anymore, just from memory! We would definitely like to work in a glass factory when we’re older.

It is December and the winter weather is well and truly here! We are enjoying the build up to Christmas and making lots of artwork. Before we get ready to concentrate for our morning lessons we sat down together in the kitchen to have some breakfast together. We spoke about sharing out the food and drink and how nice it is to share a meal together.

An elf arrived in our class to keep an extra eye out for the boys who are using their manners and behaving well. We decorated the Christmas tree together. It’s just inside the door of the small building.
During the month of December we are doing some extra lessons in mindfulness. We have enjoyed some mindfulness colouring listening to calm music and breathing techniques using bubbles. We all feel extremely calm and relaxed during school. Our classroom is our safe place.
We discussed vegetables that are popular in the winter time. Ms Hogan brought us in some carrots, potatoes, parsnips, turnip and broccoli. We each took turns peeling the vegetables and chopping them up. We made delicious vegetable soup. We added some fresh parsley and thyme. Everyone tried some.
After we wrote letters for Santa and made decorations for the Carta Mundi giving tree, we went down town to visit Winterval. We listened to storytelling in the Book Centre about the ‘wren, wren, the king of the birds’. It was a great day out and everyone was definitely in the Christmas spirit after it.
Back at school we made some Christmas cookies and got our hands dirty making some Christmas decorations with clay. We visited the 6th class where the older girls showed us how to make Christmas trees.
Our healthy food has ran right through to Christmas and we made some homemade burgers from scratch. We mixed the mince with breadcrumbs and herbs to make some delicious burgers. We enjoyed eating our burgers and invited Mrs O Mara over to try some. She gave us the bug thumbs up for our efforts. We teamed up with Ms Burke’s class and helped the younger boys make pitta pizzas. Some of the boys sure are getting more adventurous with their healthy food choices!
There are currently no January blues in the Senior Speech and Language Unit. We’ve started off the month with our “Jump into January” theme. We will be keeping active for the month. Some of our activities this month include gymnastics and Zumba! The boys are learning how to balance, tumble and cartwheel.
In Science we explored volcanoes and how they erupt. We made our own one and watched it explode. It was very messy.
We also visited Garter Lane with Ms Walsh’s 6th Class where we took part in an art workshop. We imagined what Waterford would be like in 40 years time and we thought of everything from the end of the world to aliens!!!
This Chinese New Year is the year of the rat. We cekebrated by making fortune tellers, lanterns and masks. We also made a special Chinese lunch and enjoyed some chicken curry and noodles with lots of vegetables mixed in.
Red Kettle came to visit our school and put on a performance for us. We were all involved and Jayden even took to the stage! We are born performers.
We concluded January by celebrating some birthdays in our class. We enjoyed some ‘old-school’ games such as musical chairs, stiff statues and pass the parcel. We had a great time and Ms Burke’s class joined us for some cake.

We started off February by learning about and praying to St Bridgid. We made St Brigid’s Day crosses using matchsticks and made a beautiful colourful cloak.

Our artwork continued on for Valentine’s Day where we looked at the work of the painter Kandinsky. We discussed the primary and secondary colours and made abstract art using hearts. We also made a umbrella for our “Spring Showers” picture. Who knows what weather we’ll get during February this year! It could be snow paintings next week!

We have been enjoying Zumba classes in the hall. Our favourite dance is the Cha Cha Slide! We concluded our gymnastics but will continue doing it in the hall ourselves as we loved it so much. The boys felt like stunt men doing the tumbles and rolls.

Mrs Fetton treated us to a story from the story sacks called ” The Journey”. We got to move the characters and props along as we listened to the story.

We also made some vegetarian lasangne. Every boy in the class tried it which was great. An easy way to get some veg in!

We finished out February by making some delicious pancakes and adding our favourite toppings.


March is here and spring is in the air (finally!). We have continued on our drumming with Kathy from Rhythm and Shakes. We have been learning about music from countries in Africa like Samoa. Our favourite part has been the Call and Answer games. We have been tuning in our listening ears and we are improving every week.

We were extremely lucky to have Mrs Murphy bring in her own baby chicks to our room. They were only 4 days old. We were very gentle with them. Some of us were surprised they had such sharp claws! And others weren’t too impressed when they pooed on us! Overall they were a big hit in our room and hopefully they will visit us again in a few weeks when they are hens.
We had great fun on World Book Day. Well done to everyone for dressing up. We spent the day telling and retelling different stories, playing Chinese whispers and taking a visit to our school library. The boys really enjoy listening to stories especially the animal ones.
For Maths we are learning all about data. We designed surveys and made graphs with different classes in the school. For World Book Day we completed a survey with Ms Powers Class about their favourite book. This has been one of our favourite topics in Maths so far.