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Maths Week 2023

During October our school celebrated MATHS WEEK and the main focus is to get all our students participating, collaborating and enjoying Maths activities.

Maths is all around us and is a very vital part of everyday life, so the goal is to help students to recognise this and to have some fun with Maths.

Some of the activities included Guess How Many Ducks in the Jar competition, Maths Eyes‘Maths at Home’ photo competition and Maths trails around the school grounds.

Mrs O’Connor’s Second Class… we used cubes to help us learn about the greater than and less than signs.

Miss Fortune’s Fifth Class… we were very busy for ‘Maths Week’ in room 17. We picked a number a day and made as many equations as we could for that number. Our next activity we completed a ‘Figure Me Out’ page, the girls made some equations about themselves for example our age, house number, number of siblings and shoe sizes. We then swapped these with our class members and they ‘figured out’ all the information about us.We also designed some Maths trails for our buddies and brought our buddies on a Maths trail around the school. We also did some fun Maths in the computer room – Miss Fortune gave each of us a budget and we got to spend that budget on designing a room in a house. We researched different websites to find items that we could buy within our budget. Lastly we did some data with smarties. We first predicted how many smarties were in the box, then we counted them and divided them into groups of colour. We made bar graphs based on these. Finally we got to eat the smarties.

We had a great week for Maths Week in our class and saw how Maths is everywhere and can be very fun.


Competition Time – Well done to…

Edie O’Keeffe in Mrs Southard’s Class – ‘Maths at Home’ photo competition. Nearly 100 entries were received for this competition. Edie set up a shop at home and was playing with her mam. in her photograph.

Emma Pascolini in Mr Stokes’ Class- ‘Guess How Many Ducks in the Jar’ competition. 350 entries were received for this competition. Emma was 2 away from the real answer which was 177.

A huge thank you to Miss Stones for organising lots of fun activities and competitions throughout the week. Check out our photographs below to see what we were up to during fabulous ‘Maths Week 2023’